BG Cleat Fit Explained


BG Cleat Fit Explained

Being correctly fitted to your bike can be an underrated activity, however most of our clients who have had it done question why they didnt have it done sooner! At our Totton store just east of the New Forest we have a designated Body Geometry fit room (BG fit for short) which has all the tools and equipment to accurately fit you to your bike. We offer two different types of fit; a cleat fit (£80) and a full fit (£200). We think that its a good idea to get a cleat fit if youve got a new road bike and want to get a lot of miles in or if youre a seasoned rider and want find a bit of extra speed. Having a BG fit also makes riding a lot more comfortable which in turn will increase your efficiency.

original(1)Sam Stiff is one of our many BG fit trained staff. He has been sent on an intensive course at Specialized HQ to learn from the best and now has lots of experience fitting all types of riders to their bikes. He kindly let me in on one of his cleat fits to show us; what happens, what you get and the different steps involved in the cleat fit.
original(5)First off, Sam measures the arch in Petes foot. This is to find the right footbed for Petes shoes. Footbeds differ in arch support to ensure the knee moves in a straight line when cycling to reduce stress on the knee and encourage a piston like movement in the leg.
original(9)Sam then proceeds to find Petes metatarsals in order to get the cleats in the right position. Having your cleats in the right position will ensure your feet are running parallel with the bike which will help achieve the desired piston like movement.

original(2)Once the cleats have been fitted Sam then proceeds to mark out three points on the side of Petes leg. This is so he can follow his joint movements on the computer. Using the Specialized BG fit software Sam can accurately measure Petes leg extension and rotation.Using the data provided by the software paired with Sams training and experience he then alters the Saddle height, the positioning of the saddle on the rails, the levelling of the saddle and also re-adjusting the cleats on the shoes as all the changes Sam makes impact on the rider geometry.

After all adjustments have been made, Sam inspects Petes riding position from every angle ensuring he is in the optimal geometry.

We schedule 1.5 hours for a cleat fit which allows us to really fine tune your bike; and its the small changes that can have a large impact while riding. The benefits of having a BG fit are huge and you could just find an extra bit of speed you never knew you had!

To make an appointment at our Totton shop call Tel: 023 8086 201

Our Fareham and Chichester shops also offer BG fits services.

To book at Chichester, please call: 01243 537 337

To book at Fareham, please call: 023 8086 2011

The BG cleat fit we offer at Hargroves Cycles is our cheapest fit that correctly sets up the height and position of your saddle, the position of your cleats on your shoes and also the fitting of the shoes themselves.

  • First off we measure the arch in your foot to work out which footbed you””ll need in your shoes.
  • We then locate your metatarsals in order to correctly fit your cleats
  • Thirdly we mark up the key points of rotation on your leg so we can track them on the BG fit software.
  • We then look at your leg extension and positioning on the bike and proceed to adjust the saddle accordingly (height/fore &aft). We may need to re-adjust your cleats as each change of positioning will impact on the rider geometry.

And thats all there is to it! Having a BG fit can massively impact on your riding; it will improve your efficiency and comfort on the bike helping you get that bit quicker.

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