The Big Parts Giveaway – Top 10 parts, clothing and accessories

With the Big Parts Giveaway in full swing, we thought we would share our top 10 parts & accessories that we think make an awesome “FREE” gift with a 2019 bike over £500. Obviously to make some of these products essentially free depends on the price of the bicycle being purchased but either way you’re […]

What Happens To Your Bike After You Trade In Your Banger?

You might be wondering what happens to your old banger when you trade it in your local Hargroves Cycles store. Well, we’ve teamed up with Recycles, a Salvation Army social enterprise based in Swindon. Located at Booth House, Recycles is a second-hand bike store, that looks like a premium store selling the latest and greatest bikes. […]

Fresh Goods: Trade in a Banger Edition

We’re back with another Fresh Goods post! In response to our Trade in a Banger scheme, we’ve had a shed load of bikes come back to us. We’re excited that a lot of you have got on board with Trade in a Banger and we’ve going to showcase some absolute bangers with you! Now let’s get […]

Summer Clothing – Road Essentials

Summer cycle clothing, simple right? Short sleeve jersey, shorts, done. Not so fast… While dressing for the summer months seems easy at first, the unpredictable nature of British weather may call for a few shrewd choices. In this guide, we’ll run through a few things to consider when picking some summer cycle clothing essentials. To […]