We’re back with another Fresh Goods¬†post! In response to our Trade in a Banger scheme, we’ve had a shed load of bikes come back to us. We’re excited that a lot of you have got on board with Trade in a Banger and we’ve going to showcase some absolute bangers with you! Now let’s get started.

First up, is this lovely Raleigh Airlite Freeride. This actually looks alright. The paint job is wonderfully bright (and not rusty at all).

My favourite part of this bike is the Paddington Bear bell.

The amount of dirt on this chain is insane. This is definitely a guide on how not to maintain your chain.


This is probably my favourite of the bangers we’ve had back.

The outlandish paint job and the Emmelle logo have such a retro feel to them.

This bike is good for all tough tracks.

It even uses the state of the art Shimano SIS rear derailleur.

It’s sporting tyres from the world renowned Federal, complete with the French flag for authenticity.


Next up we have another Raleigh. The incredibly blue Massie.

Another one rocking the high-tech Shimano SIS.


We have the excellent Street Syle BMX. Perfect for those little rippers, tearing up the street.

You know it’s cool when it has graffiti style lettering.

Learn everything you need know about the streets with this furiously radical bike.


Last but not least, we have the pinnacle of all bike design.

Straight from the Victorian era, the detailing on this is regal and sophisticated. The colour scheme, when not covered with rust, is stunning.

This immaculate chrome bell (that totally works) will let everyone know you’re riding down the street.

The pannier rack is perfect for carrying your fresh groceries, there’s even another basket at the front. Double the basket, double the groceries.

The major selling point of this bike is this saddle. Designed to be the ultimate saddle for comfort, it will keep your bum cushioned for those long commutes.


This is just a handful of bangers we’ve got back from you. Keep them coming in for up to ¬£500 off a brand new 2019 bike!

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