The next-gen Shimano Dura-Ace groupset is rumoured to include a power meter, road-specific disc brakes and rotors, improved Di2 integration, drag-free hubs and the same ‘smart shifting firmware’ seen on the XTR Di2 mountain bike groupset.

New Dura-Ace Road Specific Disc Brakes

Nothing has been officially said ‘on record’ but there have been a number of sources and industry insiders alluding to the above. The new Dura-Ace disc brakes are an exciting prospect that are set to be lighter and better tuned to the specific demands of the road. The rotors are road specific featuring an aluminium carrier designed to cut down weight and the steel braking surface of the rotor has fewer holes which should slow down pad wear.

Looking at the already leaked pictures of the new groupset, it will probably retain the shiny aesthetics of the current series, but the new version Di2 version will be slimmed down, with smaller motors and batteries.

Shimano Power Meter

Power meters have grown rapidly in popularly among on the cycling community so so it’s no surprise that Shimano are going to equip the new crankset with a strain gauge style power meter similar to that of Stages (we reckon). It looks as though the power meter will be accompanied with a “brain” mounted on the inside of the crank spider.

Custom Shifting

Updates to the Dura-Ace Di2 are also on the horizon with the adoption of the Synchro system already being used on the XTR Di2 mountain bike groupset.

Drag-free Hubs

Patent applications for Shimano’s Scylence hub leaked months ago. Unlike a typical freehub body that relies on pawls that engage with grooves when the rider pedals, or a star ratchet system that features notched teeth on two rings mounted against each other, Scylence works more like the clutch on your car, but somewhat in reverse.

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