You might have seen our earlier blog post alluding to the fact that something top secret was brewing at SRAM HQ…Well the press embargo is up and SRAM have today officially announced their brand new Eagle drivetrain.

Groupsets released today

Hargroves Cycles will be stocking all colour options. View them all here > SRAM Eagle X01 / XX1 Groupsets

SRAM Eagle drivetrain highlights you need to know

    • Only SRAM XD driver body compatible and fits current 11 speed driver bodies.
    • Optimum chainrings sizes are 32 and 34T leaning more towards 34T. Two standards in fitment, one being normal, and the other being boost.
    • The chainset has been completely redesigned so although it looks like their normal carbon chainset, it’s totally new, stronger, more durable and lighter.
    • SRAM meets ISO standards where Shimano does not – What is ISO? They’re standards to ensure products are fit for purpose
    • 500% gear range compared to Shimano’s 497% gear range on XTR 2X10 setups! (Basically a wider ratio of gears from SRAM’s 12 gears to Shimano’s 20 and the feedback is the jumps between gears is perfect, not too large)
    • Completely new chain design with new cassette and chainring tooth design resulting in amazing durability and very quite drivetrain.

SRAM Eagle groupset components gallery




[content_slide] sram-xo1-eagle-red-rear-derailleur[/content_slide]

[content_slide] sram-xx1-eagle-gold-rear-derailleur[/content_slide]

[content_slide] sram-xx1-xg1299-eagle-cassette[/content_slide]

[content_slide] sram-xo1-eagle-black-trigger-shifter[/content_slide]

[content_slide]sram-xo1-eagle-black-rear-derailleur [/content_slide]

[content_slide] sram-xx1-eagle-gripshift-gold[/content_slide]

[content_slide]sram-xx1-eagle-gold-chain [/content_slide]

[content_slide] sram-xx1-eagle-black-chain[/content_slide]

[content_slide] sram-xo1-eagle-gxp-red-chainset[/content_slide]

[content_slide] sram-xx1-eagle-gold-trigger-shifter[/content_slide]

[content_slide]sram-xo1-eagle-gripshift-red [/content_slide]


Official SRAM Eagle drivetrain presentation

Here’s some SRAM information we thought may be interesting for you all to know:

First up SRAM are planning and investing to be the next ‘Apple’ of the cycle industry. Using Microsoft as the analogy, nobody ever thought Microsoft would be over taken but as they sat still and got lazy, Apple blew them out of the water. SRAM believe they will do the same to Shimano.

  • SRAM’s aim is to go 1X on all groupsets as technology trickles down, eventually seeing 1X on a lot of road as well.
  • Future groupset launches will be sold as complete groupsets only so customers have to buy in to the whole SRAM package.
  • SRAM will differentiate disciplines for their groupsets, so XX1 will be XC/Trail, X01 Trail/Enduro, etc (easier understanding for customers)
  • SRAM have a HUGE increase in OEM sales to bike manufacturers so expect to see SRAM 1X on lots of bikes for 2017
  • SRAM are also seeing a huge increase in manufacturers using Boost for 2017 and expect this to be new industry standard. Image included below to refresh your Boost knowledge.
  • Out of our current brands we’ve only seen Santa Cruz using Boost but expect this to change for 2017. Initially we will not be stocking the Boost chainset, the only difference between a standard chainset and Boost chainset is the 3mm offset chainring so we will be stocking the Boost chainrings so we can swap them out as required.

SRAM Eagle 1x drivetrain video

Boost Explained

BOOST explained

Preorder your SRAM Eagle drivetrain

SRAM Eagle X01 & XX1 groupsets are available to preorder on our website right now! Head on over to our SRAM Eagle X01 / XX1 Groupsets


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